Monday, January 23, 2017

GT Dollar Grand Launch by GT Group

E-commerce giant, GT Dollar was launched by GT Group at the Malaysia Fintech Ecosystem Conference last Monday, 16th January 2017 witness by YB Datuk Mas Ermieyati Binti Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The event was also witnessed by distinguished government officials as well as 3,000 prominent IT and e-commerce industry leaders who support the development of a dynamic FinTech ecosystem, paving way for SMART innovations like GT Dollar which makes our country, Malaysia, a force to reckon with in the FinTech sector.
Malaysia Government had collaborate with GT Dollar to alleviate the lives of Malaysians through the launch of GT Dollar which is a mobile Application. It is a one-stop mobile e-commerce platform that seeks to build a cohesive community for consumers and merchants from a myriad of industries to interact within its marketplace.
Malaysian government is planning to allocate a zone located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border for GT Robot's own manufacturing and assembly plant. GT Robot is an innovative high-technological firm under that GT Group that specializes it advancement in humanoid robotic solutions. The investment worth approximately to RM300 million estimated to generate income for the Company of approximate USD20 Billion, which is equal to 10 million pieces of Mobile Robot and create more than 10,000 working opportunities for locals in the next 5 years. GT Robot plant will be the first in Asia with eco-friendly manufacturing with high technology equipment after China.
GT Robot, humanoid robotic solutions
Today marks the launch of a groundbreaking event that will go down in history where all new and improvised  major update of GT Dollar application which is the World's first social mobile e-commerce software. It was first founded in year 2014 by the GT Group President and CEO, Dr Paul Zhang Baolu, who had more than 30 years of industry experience in high-technology management, economic and tourism development worldwide. The Company is valued at more than $4.7 billion.
The launched of GT Dollar by the ambassador of the GT Wonder Boy and witness by Datuk Mas Ermieyati, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture and Dr Paul Zhang, Chairman & CEO of GT Group
The conference aimed to drive development of regional internet use, where users and business connect seamlessly without barriers which will benefits the consumers greatly as business become more affordable thus stimulating economic growth, national tax revenue and employment growth.
Signing of agreement between GT Group Chairman with their business associates for more collaboration
There will be new enhanced key features to help alleviate the overall user experience through the adoption of SMART technologies which comprises of AR technology to implement "the seek honey feature" and "catch a bee to earn GT Cash feature" which can be used to purchase within the interactive marketplace as well as being an effective Bee Commerce tool to help users manage their finances effectively by enjoying exclusive long term savings which will emerge Malaysia as trendsetter in the world of e-commerce.
GT Dollar App is a comprehensive platform for both consumers and merchants to transact cash free around the world. With zero registration, subscription and advertising fees, merchants need to purchase GT Dollar (Virtual Currency) to distribute it to their users anytime and anywhere. This will in turn for into e-promotion or e-advertising with minimal charges. The online payment getaway will be used to accept payment online via E-wallet/Visa (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)/MasterCard (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)/CUP Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid)/Direct Debit Account to perform transaction charges.
GT Dollar focus on creating a world of convenience centred around virtual credits account to allow users to make payment via an e-wallet system which enables extensive search for products or services via a marketplace. It also allows SMEs to function virtually by connects them with new and existing consumers while maintaining a loyalty programme through the distribution of virtual credits (GTD). Communication between merchants and consumers are facilitated via seamless GPS-location and user-friendly booking platforms.
At the press conference with GT Wonder Boy Ambassador and Mr Patrick Chew, Country CEO & Executive Director of GT Group Malaysia
With over 80,000 merchants worldwide, the App serves as a composite of one's daily lifestyle and a city guide to complement and simplify the increasingly hectic lifestyle by providing users with an unprecedented access on internet or mobile that offer a great range of products. Beside online shopping, merchants and users can enjoy other services too such as fund transfer, utilities bills payment, prepaid air time top-up and Social Network Chat for up to 20 peoples in each group.
Mr Patrick Chew, Country CEO & Executive Director of GT Group Malaysia showing off the GT Robot to all the medias and influencers and explained to us its multiple functions too
Mr Patrick Chew, Country CEO & Executive Director of GT Group Malaysia said,"We saw the opportunity to take advantage of the digital boom and developed an innovative solution that benefits both businesses and consumers".

YB Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau, Minister of MOSTI mentioned, "In 2015, there were 3.4 billion internet users globally with an expectation that it would increase to 9 billion over the next 10 years. The Government recognizes the importance of digital technology in propelling the economic growth. We are pleased to see a local company embarking on an innovative effort that is in line with the Government's aspiration to surge in the development of technology. I am sure users will benefit at large from utilizing the platform and its features."
GT Robot even able to communicate with each other
GT Dollar aims to shape the future of mobile travel and drive tourism growth with potential collaborations with Tourism Association to increase the tourism landscape in Malaysia. Dr Paul Zhang, being the Chairman of the China Tian Ma Travel Group, the 3rd larges travel services and recreation provider in China hopes to woo China tourists to Malaysia with GT Dollar, which will serve as an essential city guide for tourists.
GT Robot able to dance too according to the rhythm of the song
GT Dollar Malaysia hopes to expand its e-commerce business globally and be the gateway for Asia. GT Group also unveil its two robots called the GT Wonder Boy, a SMART social bot companion and GT Gobot, a multifunctional service bot that is targeted to improve the overall quality of people's life, transcending into a new era of intelligence.
I was indeed impressed on how GT Dollar works and the innovative and intelligence of GT Robots that will helps in our country economy growth and will make our life easier. If you want to know more about the GT Dollar and GT Robots, do download the App now to enjoy more benefits. More details at

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hyo-Sun, Korean Fried Chicken

Went to Hyo-Sun Korean Fried Chicken which located on the 1st Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara to tried out the various taste of homemade fried chicken. If you're coming up the escalator from TGIF, Hyo-Sun is immediately to the left upon reaching the top of the escalator.
The unique point and what I love to dine-in here is because all dishes are cooked upon ordered and it is not our average fast-food style Korean Restaurants that seems to be the norm of the day. You'll be served with fresh and hot food Korean Fried Chicken. Their signature fried chicken flavours are the Honey Fried Chicken, Spicy and Crispy flavours.
Honey Fried Chicken
Crispy Fried Chicken
Spicy Fried Chicken
I like the honey flavour that full with sweetness, the crispy flavour that gave me an extra crunch and the spicy flavour that really hot. All these flavours are suitable for adults and children. If you're spicy food lovers, then you should try out the spicy flavour. If not, don't think you able to take the challenge to accept the spiciness of the fried chicken.
Fried Salted Squid
Fried Chicken Bites
Besides their specialty fried chicken, Hyo-Sun also offered range of side dishes that are popular in the Korean street food culture, which is the Korean Pancake, Fried Dumplings, Fried Salted Squid, Fried Chicken Bites, Crispy Fried Chicken Bites and many more.
Korean Pancake the Pa-Jeon
Crispy Fried Chicken Bites with its special sauce
Fried Dumplings also known as Mandoo
You can also tried out their rice and their ever-famous Kimchi. There is a promotion of unlimited Rice with their Korean Honey Chicken Combo at RM9.90 which only applicable during the weekdays. There are combos for lunch and dinner too. When you check-in at their restaurant, you'll get a free ice cream too.

Hyo-Sun is a pork and alcohol free restaurant. All its meats and ingredients are obtained from suppliers with valid halal certification. Hyo-Sun is open daily from 10am-10pm. For bookings and enquiries, do give Hyo-Sun a call directly at 016-3321448. You can also follow them at Facebook page at and Instagram @hyosunmalaysia for the latest updates.
Elaine Pee, Owner of Hyo-Sun Korean Fried Chicken. She explained that Hyo-Sun means respect your parents to remind new generations on the importance of it 
I had tasted the Hyo-Sun fried chicken and love their homemade Korean sauce that nice to eat with rice. The fried chicken is different than what we normally ate at the fast food restaurants because they had 3 different way of cooking it. My children love the honey and crispy fried chicken while I love the spicy fried chicken. So, if you want to try something different, then Hyo-Sun Korean fried chicken will be your best option to dine-in with your family and friends.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Steamboat Package at AK Noodles House

Last Wednesday night, my parents brought me to AK Noodles House at Tropicana City Mall for a steamboat. As we know that AK Noodles House is famous with its high quality ingredients on its fish products, I first had my fish ball noodles soup last month and love the freshness of the fish balls inside. This round, I went there again to try out for the Special Steamboat Package that are available for take-away only.
Before I start my food review, let me tell you some of the history of AK Noodles House so that we are more aware on how and where the products came from. Mommy said Ah Koong Restaurant started in 1987 by Mr Tan Ooi Koong in serving the most authentic fish balls. Mr Tan had continued the philosophy of his father to retain the recipe of making authentic fish balls only from fresh Wolf-herring fish (or known as Ikan Parang) and Yellowtail fish. It first opened at Johor Bahru with just 5 tables and now AK Noodles House has expanded to 6 outlets mainly in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with over hundreds of workers. At here, you can visit their outlets at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Tropicana City Mall, Main Place USJ 21, Evolve Concept Mall and DC Mall.
Using the best selected ingredients, AK Noodles' fish stuffs are daily made under strict hygienic condition before sent to the respective outlets in the shortest time to ensure we still get the taste of the prime top quality of fishy stuffs. Fish balls are 1 of the ingredient in the Steamboat package that I love most because they are authentic and purely made from fresh sea Wolf-herring fish, no preservatives and no boric acid added and it is in vacuum packaging. It is also prepared by combining traditional handmade and modern machine-made technique to create extremely smooth and springy texture. 
Besides the steamed fish balls, they had fried fish balls and five spices (Ngoh Hiang) as above. You got to try this out as it is delicious and fresh. Fresh prawns are must to have for steamboat. The prawns given were large and juicy.
We were served with fresh Mackerel Fish too. For fish lovers like my Daddy, he finish all the fish fillets up in just seconds. He likes the taste and the sweetness of the meat. Fish is a very healthy dish too to provide us some proteins, Vitamin D and Omega 3.
Even though I don't like to eat vegetables but the freshness of the Vege Ball, makes it delicious and I don't even knew that I am eating vegetables instead. A good way to help me eating some vegetables without force for health.
The next ingredients at AK Noodles House's Special Steamboat package include my Mom's favourite Yong Tau Foo. Each pieces were quite large and were generously stuffed with AK fish paste. My Mom enjoyed her favourite Chilies, Brinjals, Ladies Finger, Bitter Melons and Tau Foo.
Fish maws (Chinese known as Fa Kau) is the commercial term for the dried bladders of large fish like croaker and sturgeon. It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavors of the soup. For Chinese, it is considered as one of the big four delicacies of the sea. It is a good source of collagen and helps in blood circulation. Best to eat with soup or steamboat. 
Bean curd skin, vege roll, dumplings, egg, Vit's noodles and vegetables were included in the package. I love to eat the noodles with eggs and my favourite foo chok. Simple and nice.
And my dining table was full of Steamboat fresh ingredients from AK Noodles House. This big portion is for 5 persons which priced at only RM158.90 nett. If you had a bigger family, then you can opt for 8 persons food which priced at RM254.30 nett. 
For take-away, do get it from their outlets at Tropicana City Mall, City Square Johor Bahru, One Utama Shopping Centre, Main Place USJ 21 Subang Jaya, Evolve Concept Mall and DC Mall. AK Noodles House website is at and facebook page at
I enjoyed eating AK Noodles Steamboat because the ingredients used indeed very fresh and the most important is, my favourite fish balls are there. The soup is make from the combination of chicken bone and anchovies which are indeed sweet with yummylicious taste. It is one of the best Steamboat meal that I had ate and will definitely recommend all my readers to take-away the Steamboat Special package by AK Noodles House.