Tuesday, November 15, 2016

RockStar Gym Launched its Latest Gym Club at The Mines

Hi Everyone, my name is WT and I will be reporting on the launched of RockStar Gym at The Mines last Saturday, 12th November 2016. My Cher Cher and Kor Kor had went to Ipoh for a day trip organised by their school. So, me, my Ti Ti, WJ, Daddy and Mommy went to the launch of the children's total development centre that focus on personal development. That day is also my Ti Ti, 4th birthday and to make his day special, Mommy had brought us there to joined the activities while witnessing the launch.
We arrived there around 10 a.m. and RockStar Gym was located at Level 5, The Mines Shopping Mall. The place was big and there are few rooms for few classes. There are indoor and outdoor area too. Outdoor area is for futsal, tennis and swimming classes. There is a small playground too where my Ti Ti enjoyed his play there before the event start.
Mommy said RockStar Gym is designed to enhance physical, socio-economy and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment for children aged 6 months to 16 years that are able to take up various Sports Activities that include Gymnastics, Ballet, Martial Arts, Futsal, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming and various dance-workouts. These workouts are conducted by local and international coaches and instructors to syllabus set by practicing standards.

Uncle John Franklin, CEO of RockStar Gym (photo as below) said that their programmes put a lot of focus into the development around strength, balance, coordination, independence and self-esteem. They had created opportunities and situations that will encourage the children like us to express and practise those values through a wide range of Sports Activities, instructed by local and international certified instructors.
Their various programmes and activities are coached following international competitive standards set by their respective bodies. The programmes stand out as their classes are conducted surrounding the values to build a positive environment by creating winning possibilities for all children by defining success as each child's Personal Best by allowing each child's physical development to take place at their own pace.
Mommy also said that their Classes are carried-out with values to make a winner of every child regardless of age, shape and size. RockStar Gym will ensures that the programmes are focussed, fun, exciting and safe that are catered to the development stages of the children as demonstrated through at the launch of their newest club in The Mines.
Launched by Uncle John Franklin, Uncle Kwangho Choi, COO of RockStar Gym, Aunty Jenny Hartono, Founder of RockStar Gym along with guests, Aunty Julie Woon and celebrity Aunty Sasha Saidin, the Club's launch was highlighted with a Move & Groove session with all the guests before opening its doors to the public to experience first-hand the activities of the children and teen's gym.
RockStar Gym had 15 gyms across Indonesia and Malaysia with three located at The Mines, Tropicana City Mall and SetiaWalk. If you need more information on the classes, schedules and membership. do visit their website at www.rockstar-gym.com.my.
I really love this place because there are so many activities await me and my siblings. I want to learn swimming, martial arts, basketball and futsal at this wonderful place. Since school holiday is approaching soon, Mommy can bring me and my siblings there to have a great times together while learning and enhance my skills for each of the sports that I always love to join. Thanks for reading my write-up here and hope all of you will love this place as much as I did.


  1. Good one! The children can learn some sports and get active during school holiday. Thumbs up to mommy Jane :D

  2. Nice place for kids seems to be! During holidays and otherwise, they need to be active and need to play.

  3. This looks like a fun place for kids to hang Ou and have fun with New friends. It sure looks like it will be very popular during the holidays!