Monday, November 7, 2016

SnowWorld Genting with New Attractions

Last Saturday, me and my Kor Kor were invited to visit the new attractions at SnowWorld which located at Resorts World Genting. I am WT and I will bring you a tour around the new attractions at SnowWorld Genting.
The new attractions come in the form of 3D trick art such as fanciful comical props with hilarious names like King's Feast, Falling Chandelier, Distorted Knight, Snow Monster and Dragon Prop. SnowWorld has adopted a medieval theme and there are many exciting photography backdrops and 3D props to make each visit a delightful for all of us. Just be part of someone's food at the King's Feast or looks like stuck in a black cast-iron cauldron, unfortunate victim of a trio of witches at the Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble segment or a chandelier falling on you. 
All these are illusion and if you are good at act with it, then it will looks like a real one. I could see lots of peoples taking selfies with a picture with the Snow Monster. Some just stick their head through a hole that is the missing head of a knight to looks like a warrior.
Mommy's friend, Aunty Ellie riding a 3D art of a dragon
SnowWorld has been transformed to look like a European village too with replicas of various European symbols creating a believable imaginary world. It is like touring Europe I take in the sights and sounds at the various countries created namely Holland, Italy, Norway, England, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I saw a 3D cow and 3D fish in front of the facade bearing the image of a windmill with the 3D Holland Clog aside.
SnowWorld has revised its ticket prices and the new rates are RM38.30 for adults and teenagers and RM32.50 for children and senior citizens but if you had Genting Rewards Card, then need only to pay RM34.50 for adults and RM29.20 for children. Family package was priced at RM129.10. Call them at 03-27181118 or log on to for more information.
Me and Kor Kor playing at the snow and we had so much fun at snow fight
My Kor Kor took a rubber tube for sliding session 
An uncle working there helps my Kor Kor to adjust the tube that he is sitting
Here he go... Sliding through the slopes of icy mountain at the amazing curves and slopes with the speeding rubber tube
Since it is too cool inside, I didn't manage to take much photos with the 3D props but hopefully at my next visit, I could act with it instead after seeing all those professional actors. I love the cooling sensation feeling around the SnowWorld that I could hardly experience it staying in Malaysia. With a SnowWorld at Resort World Genting, I can feel the winter weather instead and the feeling of being at Europe. All this experience is memorable and fun to me. Thanks Daddy and Mommy for bringing me and my siblings here to celebrate our coming school holiday.

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  1. Snow world looks like a real place and surely kids will enjoy this place.