Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jungle Gym Atria Halloween Party

Hi, I am WT reporting for the Jungle Gym Atria Halloween Party event. Since my birthday falls on 30th October and it is also the date for the Halloween party at Jungle Gym Atria, Mommy brought me, my Kor Kor, Ti Ti and Cher Cher there to join the Spooky Halloween activities and play at the Jungle Gym Playland.
We are 2 Junior Rangers
Registration start at 9.30 a.m. and we are divided into few teams. There are more than 50 children who wore like witches, zombies, sekeleton, ghost, superhero etc to join in the fun and in the spirit of Halloween. All the teams had the task of rescue the Spooky Man and the top 3 group who could get all the clues in the fastest of times will win a prize each. The clues could be found at the Jungle Gym Playland. Me and my brother had fun running around finding the clues at the playland.
We tried very hard to find the clues but we are not in the top 3. Nevertheless, me and my brother had so much fun crawling, running, jumping and sliding at the playland. Prizes also awarded to top 3 costume contest. Their make-ups looks scary and creative. Congrats to all the winners.
Winners for the costume contest
The decorations at the Jungle Gym looks creative and scary. Even the candies buffet and the spooky meal were prepared according to the Halloween theme. I loves their Spooky meal. Even though looks like a finger with that we are eating, it is actually a tomato sauce on top of the sausage. The spider lollipop, the scary cupcakes, the bloody treats etc. All participants went home with a goodie bag too
After the Halloween event over at 12 p.m., me and my brothers continue to enjoy our unlimited fun at the playland. This is the first time me and my brothers come to this playland and trust me, it is quite big with lots of activities besides the playland. There are ball pit, slides, crawling tunnels, air guns, trampoline, basket ball and football mini field, fun mag wall, movie room, babyland, water bed and many more.
My Kor Kor and Ti Ti enjoyed their sand play activity
Thanks Daddy and Mommy for bringing me here to Jungle Gym Atria on my birthday. I had so much fun joining the Halloween activities and playing at different activities at the playland. I had made some new friends too on that day when I need opponents to play with me at the mini football field. My birthday is always my happiest day of the year and hope Daddy and Mommy will bring me here again to play as much as I want.

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  1. looks like a very fun-tastic halloween party! And also those sweets! Have you fill enough your trick-or-treat basket?