Thursday, September 8, 2016

Birthday Party Package Launched by & Co.

Hi, everyone. I am WH celebrating my 10th birthday in the month of August. My customised birthday party at the Parenthood Playland just over but since my birthday fall in the month of August, I had attended another 2 birthday parties i.e. Kidzania and Fish & Co. Means this year, I had attended 3 birthday parties to celebrate my birthday. I felt so lucky this year and each of the party had made me felt so special for each of the celebration.
Mommy Jane had brought me to Fish & Co. which located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to become Little Sailor and joined the nautical-themed adventurous Birthday Party. Before the event begins, we fill-up our tummy first with a scrumptious buffet meal prepared by Fish & Co. I love their crunchy fried fish and nuggets, delicious grilled fish and pizza, refreshing coleslaw and ice tea and their colourful plate, cup, folk & spoon too specially prepared for kids like me.
My favourite fried food from fish, chicken nuggets, french fries and squid
Delicious pizza, grilled fish, spaghetti and coleslaw
Colourful plate, folk, spoon, knife and cups made from plastic especially for kids and cooling drinks for all of us

Me and my blogger friends served ourselves with the yummylicious food
After our dinner, we were brought to an exclusive play area to start the main agenda of the evening. Collaborating with DayOne event team, Fish & Co. had work together with them to bring amazing fun and excitement for my and other kids' party. Yeah...
Me, my siblings and all the kids were turned into Little Sailors where we were tasked to assist the host of the evening i.e. Captain Savannah to search for the hidden treasures on Momentous Island. Before the game begin, we were briefed by Captain Savannah and needed to complete a jigsaw puzzle task before can go in near to the event area. Once completed, all of us joined hand together to touch the magic stand. Suddenly the beautiful light of underwater creatures were appeared on the ceiling and Fish & Co. had announced the launch of the Birthday Party Package available now at their restaurant.
All of us then were divided into 2 groups. The first group will have to take care of the games, art & craft and dessert booth while the second group will completing all the task. For every task that we had completed, we were given a gold coin as a reward. We enjoyed completing our mission with fun and laughter together with our friends.

Fish & Co. organises birthday parties according to your budget for children of all ages. It has a professional and passionate team who enjoys the hustle and bustle of creating and pulling together an event. They can do it all for you from choosing the venue, catering, theme, stuffing, menus to souvenirs to all the guess. Their dedicated team will deliver unique and personalised approach to present a truly momentous celebration for all the kids which include me. 

It is our birthday. Yeah...
We huff and puff and blow the fire away. Happy Birthday to me and all my friends here...
The Birthday Party Package for kids is available at Fish & Co. outlets located at Pavilion KL, Main Place @ USJ 21, Paradigm Mall, IOI City Mall and The Mines Shopping Mall. The place was spacious and it is a family-friendly restaurant that kids like me would love to dine-in at. It is simply perfect for all sorts of party with an extraordinary impressive event. For booking enquiries, please contact Charmaine at 012-3873291 ( and Zoe at 016-2017367 ( Do visit their website at or follow their facebook at for latest news.

I had so much fun that day completing my mission and glad to be the Little Sailor of the day with my siblings and my friends. All the games were prepared to give us the excitement and pleasure. The food was delicious and I got to bring home a small prize too. Thanks to Fish & Co. for the celebration and thanks to DayOne event team for organising so much activities for us to made the event meaningful to all of us. Hopefully I can have my next birthday party at Fish & Co. now.


  1. nice package by Fish & Co. will consider to held my girls' B/D party there

    1. Rane, it is indeed fun and food was delicious too.

  2. Fish and co usually has decent food. I didn't know that you can host parties there. Think people will like be happy knowing that this is so. :)

    1. Nicholas, me too. Save the hassle of organising it.

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  4. Birthday Party Package Launched by & Co. looks fabulous. I am totally in love with this post as the party looks awesome. Well dear, I am also very busy in finding the best convention center for my son’s upcoming birthday party. He wants the carnival themed bash so it will be good if you can provide any details here.

    1. Hi Curtis, you can call or pm Fish & Co. for more details and the arrangements.