Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ramadhan Buffet at Awana Genting

I love to eat food. So, when Mommy ask me and Ti Ti who want to review which one, I faster choose food as I love to eat good food. I am quite a choosy person and will only have the best food. So, food review will be my cup of tea. Guess, Ti Ti had no choice but to review the room instead but he too really enjoyed it.
Me in front of the Rajawali Coffee House with the Raya decorations 
As you can see, the drinks were fresh and delicious. Air Bandung. limes, sirap and my favourite teh tarik, I can get it here.
After some drinks, I had my main course. Mee soup, roti canai, murtabak, satay, steam fish, curry chicken, crab, prawn, curry laksa, lok lok. fried chicken, mutton, kebab, fried kuew tiau and lots more. Too many choices for me to choose from but I only choose those that I love to eat only since I'm very full now.
To help with my digestion, I took some fruits to eat. My favourite food was lychee as it is very juicy and sweet. Best recommended to all.

Sweet dessert is a must to complete the meal. There were variety of kuih-muih to choose from. Over 20 types of kuih and cakes. The local and imported dates also provided.
My favourite kuih, Kuih Jagung
Remember to eat ice cream and ABC also. Chocolate, Yam, Vanilla, Mint and Strawberry flavour.
My favourite Yam ice cream mix with freshing lychee
I really had a good times enjoyed eating all the food here. It was really delicious and fresh. Some cook directly by the Chef themselves and serve it whenever I need it. Hope to come again to explore more of food here. For more details of the Ramadhan buffet, maybe you can visit Mommy blog at 5 Little Angels.
Me, Mommy, Ti Ti with Ronald Kor Kor
Tqvm to Rajawali Coffee House for having us there and also thanks to Resort World Genting for arrange us to have a great dinner here. Hope to go to Genting again soon to explore more of the activities.

Tower 2 Annex at First World Hotel

I'm here again at Genting. This round, my mission was to review Tower 2 Annex at First World Hotel. I fall in love with the structure, the design and the colour of it when I first step into Tower 2 Annex. It really impressed me whenever Resort World Genting had new features to offer, from accommodation to entertainment to F&B.
Tower 2 Annex is an extension to Tower 2 where more rooms were opened. The design provide a comfortable, clean and affordable rooms. The moment I walked into the hotel, I really love the contemporary setting in the lobby which complete with 3D television visuals, chillmusic and a designer's featured wall.

We were taught the method on self Check-in Kiosk where we no need to queue at the counter anymore. Save my times and energy. It is very easy. Just follow the instruction at the machine and within minutes, we can go in our room already.

After check-in at the Kiosk, we proceed to our room. My room no. is 22866. Lets go in and eplore it together.

Let me show you my room. XYZ Deluxe with 2 single bed or a queen size bed. The design was lively and the colour was sweet and unique.
2 Single Size Bed with a mini fridge
32 inch flat-screen television
The toilet. shower and sink was divided by frosted green glass walls that act as dividers. Me take bath, Cher Cher brush teeth and Ti Ti wee wee at the same time. Yeah...
3 compartments
Clean and nice toilet bowl
Hair Dryer at the basin
We were brought to see XYZ Triple and World Club room too. XYZ Triple suitable for family. Daddy and Mommy share a Queen size bed and me sleep alone at Single size bed.
XYZ Triple 
For World Club room better still as the room was very big that come with sofa and my favourite bath tub.
World Club Room
A comfortable sofa that me and my Ti Ti enjoyed most at World Club Room
My favourite bath tub only available at World Club Room
Kettle to made Nescafe and Tea. International socket and USB powered Ian access point available at every room
Shampoo, body shampoo, shower cap, soap and cotton buds
Slippers only available at World Club Room
Wardrobe to put my clothes
I really love the new Tower Annex room as it provides me a comfortable sleep all night long. It looks so class and the colours of the rooms really attracts me. I hope Daddy and Mommy will bring me, Cher Cher and Ti Ti to World Club room next time as I really love the bath tub and the room was big enough for us to run around. Ha ha ha... Do check out my Mommy blog also on the review for more details here. Thanks everyone for reading my post.

Even the lift was nice and class enough