Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fox Movies Awesome Weekend at Setia City Park

Last weekend, Mommy brought me and my siblings to have fun at Fox Movies Awesome Weekend at Setia City Park. Organised by Fox Movies Premium with its partners, Setia Citizen, Dutch Lady, Sharp, Kinder Schoko-Bons, Renault and Astro, there are lots of exciting activities such as Bungee Run, Obstacle Course, Character Face Painting, Giant Bubbles, Movie Photo Booth, Dutch Lady Activation Zone, Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy Booth, Kinder Catapult Craze Game and Kinder Kick-In Challenge.
We reached at 5 p.m. on Saturday and the first booth that I went is to have my favourite milk, Dutch Lady so that I am more energetic to explore more games at each booth. For every purchase of RM10, I got to play the basket ball at the Dutch Lady Activation Zone. 
After that, I went to Kinder Schoko-Bons booth to try out the new Kinder Schoko-Bons Crispy and I love the taste so much. There are shooting for Angry Bird and also a football game to win a pencil box with pencil, rubber and ruler. I won some and can use it when school re-open.
I enjoyed myself with the Giant Bubbles, Bungee Run and Obstacle Course too. It was indeed fun even though a bit tiring and a bit of drizzling too. My siblings do enjoyed it too. The field was filled with lots of families with small kids and for couples too. There are food trucks too and their burger was the best. I had it for my dinner.
At 7.00 p.m., Mommy had redeemed the Fox Movie Premium comfortable soft seat and goodie bag and we proceed to VIP area to have a comfortable seat. By that time, the drizzling had stopped and the weather is cooling for us to enjoyed my favourite cartoon, Rio under the Star at 7.45 pm. There are some bean bags for us to sit too. The screen was large with a great the sound system. Some families brought their own mat and just put at the field to have a great picnic times with their families and friends. 
Through out the event, there are some prizes to be win too through question and answer. I did answer a question of the emcee when he ask me my favourite game. I told him I love to play badmintion and he called me as Dato' Lee Chong Wei's junior. Dato' indeed is my Superhero and I really hope that I can become like him when I grow up. To be a professional badminton player. I won some movie merchandise sponsored by Fox Movies Premium.
At 9.30 pm, lucky draw started and the winner brought home a Sharp Aquos 60" inch tv. A father with his 2 sons had won the prize. Congrats to him for being so lucky. I do wish that Daddy and Mommy could bring it home instead but guess, luck is not with us on that day.
After the lucky draw session, Mommy said it is too late already and we need to make our journey home. Even though I had wanted to watch Avatar but Mommy said Daddy is too tired already and the next day, we need to wake-up early to Kidzania. Thanks to Fox Movies Premium and all its partners for having us there. Me and siblings had so much fun on that day. Hope I can join their next event soon.
We are 2-Junior-Rangers

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

RockStar Gym Launched its Latest Gym Club at The Mines

Hi Everyone, my name is WT and I will be reporting on the launched of RockStar Gym at The Mines last Saturday, 12th November 2016. My Cher Cher and Kor Kor had went to Ipoh for a day trip organised by their school. So, me, my Ti Ti, WJ, Daddy and Mommy went to the launch of the children's total development centre that focus on personal development. That day is also my Ti Ti, 4th birthday and to make his day special, Mommy had brought us there to joined the activities while witnessing the launch.
We arrived there around 10 a.m. and RockStar Gym was located at Level 5, The Mines Shopping Mall. The place was big and there are few rooms for few classes. There are indoor and outdoor area too. Outdoor area is for futsal, tennis and swimming classes. There is a small playground too where my Ti Ti enjoyed his play there before the event start.
Mommy said RockStar Gym is designed to enhance physical, socio-economy and cognitive skills in a fun, caring and safe environment for children aged 6 months to 16 years that are able to take up various Sports Activities that include Gymnastics, Ballet, Martial Arts, Futsal, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming and various dance-workouts. These workouts are conducted by local and international coaches and instructors to syllabus set by practicing standards.

Uncle John Franklin, CEO of RockStar Gym (photo as below) said that their programmes put a lot of focus into the development around strength, balance, coordination, independence and self-esteem. They had created opportunities and situations that will encourage the children like us to express and practise those values through a wide range of Sports Activities, instructed by local and international certified instructors.
Their various programmes and activities are coached following international competitive standards set by their respective bodies. The programmes stand out as their classes are conducted surrounding the values to build a positive environment by creating winning possibilities for all children by defining success as each child's Personal Best by allowing each child's physical development to take place at their own pace.
Mommy also said that their Classes are carried-out with values to make a winner of every child regardless of age, shape and size. RockStar Gym will ensures that the programmes are focussed, fun, exciting and safe that are catered to the development stages of the children as demonstrated through at the launch of their newest club in The Mines.
Launched by Uncle John Franklin, Uncle Kwangho Choi, COO of RockStar Gym, Aunty Jenny Hartono, Founder of RockStar Gym along with guests, Aunty Julie Woon and celebrity Aunty Sasha Saidin, the Club's launch was highlighted with a Move & Groove session with all the guests before opening its doors to the public to experience first-hand the activities of the children and teen's gym.
RockStar Gym had 15 gyms across Indonesia and Malaysia with three located at The Mines, Tropicana City Mall and SetiaWalk. If you need more information on the classes, schedules and membership. do visit their website at
I really love this place because there are so many activities await me and my siblings. I want to learn swimming, martial arts, basketball and futsal at this wonderful place. Since school holiday is approaching soon, Mommy can bring me and my siblings there to have a great times together while learning and enhance my skills for each of the sports that I always love to join. Thanks for reading my write-up here and hope all of you will love this place as much as I did.

Monday, November 7, 2016

SnowWorld Genting with New Attractions

Last Saturday, me and my Kor Kor were invited to visit the new attractions at SnowWorld which located at Resorts World Genting. I am WT and I will bring you a tour around the new attractions at SnowWorld Genting.
The new attractions come in the form of 3D trick art such as fanciful comical props with hilarious names like King's Feast, Falling Chandelier, Distorted Knight, Snow Monster and Dragon Prop. SnowWorld has adopted a medieval theme and there are many exciting photography backdrops and 3D props to make each visit a delightful for all of us. Just be part of someone's food at the King's Feast or looks like stuck in a black cast-iron cauldron, unfortunate victim of a trio of witches at the Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble segment or a chandelier falling on you. 
All these are illusion and if you are good at act with it, then it will looks like a real one. I could see lots of peoples taking selfies with a picture with the Snow Monster. Some just stick their head through a hole that is the missing head of a knight to looks like a warrior.
Mommy's friend, Aunty Ellie riding a 3D art of a dragon
SnowWorld has been transformed to look like a European village too with replicas of various European symbols creating a believable imaginary world. It is like touring Europe I take in the sights and sounds at the various countries created namely Holland, Italy, Norway, England, France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. I saw a 3D cow and 3D fish in front of the facade bearing the image of a windmill with the 3D Holland Clog aside.
SnowWorld has revised its ticket prices and the new rates are RM38.30 for adults and teenagers and RM32.50 for children and senior citizens but if you had Genting Rewards Card, then need only to pay RM34.50 for adults and RM29.20 for children. Family package was priced at RM129.10. Call them at 03-27181118 or log on to for more information.
Me and Kor Kor playing at the snow and we had so much fun at snow fight
My Kor Kor took a rubber tube for sliding session 
An uncle working there helps my Kor Kor to adjust the tube that he is sitting
Here he go... Sliding through the slopes of icy mountain at the amazing curves and slopes with the speeding rubber tube
Since it is too cool inside, I didn't manage to take much photos with the 3D props but hopefully at my next visit, I could act with it instead after seeing all those professional actors. I love the cooling sensation feeling around the SnowWorld that I could hardly experience it staying in Malaysia. With a SnowWorld at Resort World Genting, I can feel the winter weather instead and the feeling of being at Europe. All this experience is memorable and fun to me. Thanks Daddy and Mommy for bringing me and my siblings here to celebrate our coming school holiday.

Ultraman Live at Resorts World Genting

Hi everyone, I am WH reporting on the Ultraman Live at Resorts World Genting. Ultraman is my superhero and I was very excited to watch my superhero in action. I am one of the luckiest person to be the first to watch it live. My parents brought me to Resorts World Genting last Saturday for 4 p.m. shows at Genting International Showroom. This round 10 Ultraman, 6 Evil Dark Heroes & 20 Monsters will be in action on this December school holidays.
Before the show start, I had ask Mommy to buy me my favourite superhero, Ultraman's watch so that I could enjoy the show while wearing the powerful watch at my wrist. I can feel the power on my hand and I love the watch so much. Thanks Mommy for fulfilled me and Ti Ti request for the watch. For every purchase of the ticket from RM68, you're entitle to get the watch worth RM88 for free but Mommy had bought it at RM38 each instead.
My superheroes will battle against their nemesis, the Dark Forces from the Planet Baltan and their mission is to save Kuala Lumpur from falling into the hands of the villains. I was there to cheer on Ultraman Zero & Ultraman X and his comrades as they battle the anthropod-like aliens from the Planet Baltan in the live show. Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 with the title "Revenge of Baltan" was held from 5 November 2016 to 2 January 2017 twice daily at 4pm & 9pm daily at Genting International Showroom.
My superheroes not only had to face with Baltan but also the dark warriors Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Dark Lops Zero, Kaiser Darkness, Dark Zagi and Evil Tiga. The dark forces send by Baltan to Earth led by Chaos Ultraman and the other familiar villains are attacking Kuala Lumpur. Ultraman Zero and his comrades had to save the day by gather at Genting Highlands to take on the dark warriors and Baltan. 
There are some parts of the scenes that involve us as the audiences where we need to help out our Superhero to fight with the enemies. We must gave them more power and help them to kill the villains to save our City. We need to transfer the power from the Balloon to our Superhero. It was fun as I faster beat the balloon down so that it reach my Superhero at the soonest possible.
Tickets for Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 - Revenge of Baltan are priced at RM108 (VIP), RM88 (PS1) and RM67 (PS2). Early bird will enjoy 30% discount for Genting Rewards Card members or 20% discount for non-members. Book the show and room packages to stay at First World Hotel from RM184 nett in a XYZ Deluxe room that comes with 2 show tickets. For a family of four, package start from RM288 nett for the XYA Triple room and 4 show tickets. Do call them at 03-27181118 or log on to
Thanks to Resorts World Genting for inviting us, 2-Junior-Rangers to cover the Ultraman Live in Genting show. We had enjoyed the fighting part and the whole story where all of us and even the audiences had work together to help our Superheroes to fight with the villains to save our City. I'm glad I could take part to save our City together and if you want to enjoy the show while helping the Superheroes in action, then you must come to Genting and watch it live. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jungle Gym Atria Halloween Party

Hi, I am WT reporting for the Jungle Gym Atria Halloween Party event. Since my birthday falls on 30th October and it is also the date for the Halloween party at Jungle Gym Atria, Mommy brought me, my Kor Kor, Ti Ti and Cher Cher there to join the Spooky Halloween activities and play at the Jungle Gym Playland.
We are 2 Junior Rangers
Registration start at 9.30 a.m. and we are divided into few teams. There are more than 50 children who wore like witches, zombies, sekeleton, ghost, superhero etc to join in the fun and in the spirit of Halloween. All the teams had the task of rescue the Spooky Man and the top 3 group who could get all the clues in the fastest of times will win a prize each. The clues could be found at the Jungle Gym Playland. Me and my brother had fun running around finding the clues at the playland.
We tried very hard to find the clues but we are not in the top 3. Nevertheless, me and my brother had so much fun crawling, running, jumping and sliding at the playland. Prizes also awarded to top 3 costume contest. Their make-ups looks scary and creative. Congrats to all the winners.
Winners for the costume contest
The decorations at the Jungle Gym looks creative and scary. Even the candies buffet and the spooky meal were prepared according to the Halloween theme. I loves their Spooky meal. Even though looks like a finger with that we are eating, it is actually a tomato sauce on top of the sausage. The spider lollipop, the scary cupcakes, the bloody treats etc. All participants went home with a goodie bag too
After the Halloween event over at 12 p.m., me and my brothers continue to enjoy our unlimited fun at the playland. This is the first time me and my brothers come to this playland and trust me, it is quite big with lots of activities besides the playland. There are ball pit, slides, crawling tunnels, air guns, trampoline, basket ball and football mini field, fun mag wall, movie room, babyland, water bed and many more.
My Kor Kor and Ti Ti enjoyed their sand play activity
Thanks Daddy and Mommy for bringing me here to Jungle Gym Atria on my birthday. I had so much fun joining the Halloween activities and playing at different activities at the playland. I had made some new friends too on that day when I need opponents to play with me at the mini football field. My birthday is always my happiest day of the year and hope Daddy and Mommy will bring me here again to play as much as I want.