Sunday, September 21, 2014

I-City, the place that I want to be

On 18.9.14, Mommy and Daddy brought me and my siblings to i-City and we reached there around 7.10 p.m. as the traffic was really unbearable and we really frustrated sitting inside the car so long but upon reaching the place, the beautiful of the place really cheer us up immediately and we were so excited to explore it. This is our first time been there. It was so beautiful with lots of different lights and rides that attract our attentions and we just love it...

The writer, CW with her favourite spot
Attending the event as a child blogger and this is my first post, we were introduce with Fun Drive. We can drive the car (of course children's car) to explore the tiny city. It was fun and we were taught on the road safety but just a basic rules and regulations. I really love this as I can now start to drive like Daddy and Mommy to where ever that I want to go. Ha ha ha...
With Daddy as the passenger
Next, we proceed to Itsy Bitsy which is a magical park. There are so many rides available like Mini Pirate Ship, Rocking Chaise Car and Fitness Jr where we got to run here and there enjoying the rides. Not only we as children can ride it, some rides, Daddy and Mommy can join us too.

Me and my little brother, WT
Then, we went to Jungle Adventure. We spend most of our times here as we embark on the Jungle Rider with Daddy and Mommy to discover more about wildlife creatures as they roam in the mini jungle freely and lets also meet Mr Tiger as he mischievously hides around the corner waiting to pounce at you. Scary, right ? Ha ha ha... No worries as it was not scary at all since my little baby, WJ loves the rides too and when you're there, remember to meet the friendly Three Bears. We had so much fun to explore the jungle while driving around and bumping with each other.
Enjoying my rides at Jungle Adventure
Next, we went for a Spacewalk. Walking in the space ? No lar. Its actually a ride that brought us to the surrounding of i-City. Seeing the beautiful scenery from above the land, I can tell you that the feelings are miracle. It was so beautiful and with the breezing and refreshing air, the feelings was really really great. I never saw something as beautiful  as here and come and experience it and you'll feel the same.

Beautiful scenery looking from the top
After the rides, we proceed to Mist Fountain. It was a magical cooling like we were in the peak of high mountains.
At the mist fountain
We also had a spectacular water performance. It was a great feeling as it is a masterpiece blending the ground breaking audio, astounding light and water together. An awesome experience for all of us here.
The writer with Dancing Water
Tqvm to Daddy and Mommy for bringing us here. All of us had so much fun enjoying all those rides while enjoying the beautiful scenery also. Check out Mommy's blog post for more information ya... Before we willingly left the place, we begged Daddy and Mommy to bring us here again. A good trick for us before we wave good bye to the city that we love to come again. I-City, the place that I want to be. See all of you there soon. Ha ha ha...


  1. fun night, it's beautiful. school holiday plan can go there :D

  2. Aunty Sherry, we must plan to go there early in the morning so that can enjoyed everything whole day...

  3. Aunty Kylie come support your first blog post.. Keep on writing ya~~~~~~

    I-city looks fun, I think my kids would love to got here, too!

  4. Tqvm, Aunty Kylie. Will do that too :).

  5. Aunty Miera and cutie monkee also must support... hehehe... continue to do your best sweeties...