Friday, December 18, 2015

Awana Genting - Back to the Nature Retreat 2015

I'm, WH is here to cover the two days of self development, team building and nature for Youth at Back to Nature Retreat 2015 at Awana Genting. This is my first experience for the jungle trekking and living in a tent. Let me tell all of you about my life experience here.

Mommy Jane brought me, Cher Cher and Ti Ti to Awana Genting on 5 and 6 December 2015 to join 85 Kor Kor and Cher Cher who are from Bentong, Raub and Rumah Charis from Kuala Lumpur to embarked on Eco Nature Trail covering 1.8 kilometres of jungle trekking through 130 million years old rainforest.
Gather at the Long House  
Me and my Ti Ti pose in front of the Long House
Can you spot me doing the warm-up session before we proceed with the trekking
A short briefing by our Camp Trainer. Rules and Regulations to followed
We were divided into 7 groups and line-up accordingly. We had to create a name for our group. Our group name is "Belalang". After all of us had our own group, we had a briefing of things that we can do or don't do inside the jungle by the Camp trainer. After that, we start with warm up session before walking and exploring the jungle for almost an hour walk.

Some of the road path is quite dangerous but luckily got a Kor Kor there to help me out. Since this is my first time going to the jungle, I found myself a bit difficult to walk and climb up the hill but luckily all Kor Kor and Cher Cher there are quite helpful to help me out till the end. I am so happy as able to complete the my very first jungle trekking.

After the jungle trekking, we had our lunch and I enjoy my delicious meal. I were given the opportunity to witness Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun who is the Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community who launched the event by planting a tree together with Aunty Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resort World Genting.

Aunty Katherine ask a question on how old is the virgin tropical jungle at Awana ? After my 3rd attempt, my answer is 130 million years old is correct and I got a prize from Aunty Katherine. Besides that all participants of Eco Nature Trail which include me, got a goodie bag too. Tqvm for the gifts. I love it so much.
All the Kor Kor and Cher Cher who joined the Nature Retreat
Can spot me wearing an official t-shirt of Young Blogger and Ambassador of RWG ?
After the launching of the event, we proceed to the Long House to attend an educational Eco Talk by Uncle Fadly, the Programme Director of Eco Knights. Uncle Fadly had shared ways to reduce resources consumption and managing waste through 3R which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques. I learned it from my school too but at here, I learned  more in detail on how wastes can be converted to something useful in our daily lives.
Can spot me there sitting and listening to the talk coz' after that got Q&A to win some prizes
On our second day, we joined the National Treasure Hunt which took place all over the resort that include fun games such as Star Wars where we had to used rope to take a pail of water, Bridge Too Far where we had to walk through the wood to cross the bridge, Giant Slipper Obstacle where 4 of us had to wear the slipper to walk together, Spider Web where one of us had to climb at the rope and collect the golf balls while others had to pull the rope and Mines Field where we had to made a something to ensure our ball will be thrown to a designated line. Everything was quite difficult but with teamwork, we able to accomplished it. Yeah...
Can see me taking part of the activity too :)
Everyone working very hard to complete the mission
Once everyone done with the National Treasure Hunt, we proceed with the Fashion Show where we had used the recyclable materials to do a costume. My team had made my favourite Superhero, Iron Man.

I borrow my torchlight to light up the body and hand of the Iron Man. Isn't it cool ?

Too bad we didn't win but we had so much fun making the costume together. Yeah...

Conclusion is, I had so much fun doing lots of things for the first time. Jungle Trekking, living at a tent, made costumes with recycle items, learning more on 3R, Treasure Hunt and lots more. This is my first time exploring all these activities and I had a great times here. Thanks to Resort World Genting for the opportunities to experience it myself and also thanks to PR Kor Kor and Cher Cher for bringing us around. Hope to see all of you soon :)
Me and Ti Ti with Eric Kor Kor in front of the Long House and the Tent that we slept a night before


  1. Aww such a lovely activity to spend the weekend. A good workout with a lovely experience.

  2. This is such a fun day out for the children to get closer to nature. Hope that there will be more activities like this.