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Cinta Sayang Resort, A Place For Everyone at Sungai Petani

Sungai Petani is a town in Kuala Muda District, Kedah. It is about 55km south of Alor Star and about 310 km from Kuala Lumpur. When I told my friends that I will be bringing my family to Sungai Petani for holiday, all of them asked me what is so interesting at Sungai Petani because we need to drive for 4.5 hours to reach that state from Kuala Lumpur. Since everyone so eager to know, I will write my holiday experience at this post. 
This round, we will explore a new holiday resort at Sungai Petani with other bloggers from Penang and SIngapore. Cinta Sayang Resort had organised a 3 days 2 nights experience for me and my children at their resort. They had lined up some activities for our Stay, Play, Eat & Meet so that we able to experience ourselves things that we could do at their resort. Our 3 days 2 nghts activities as below :-
We start our journey from Kuala Lumpur at 2.30 p.m. and reached the Resort at 7 p.m. Once we reached, we proceed to CS Cafe to have our dinner. It is a 5-course dinner where we were served with Drink, Soup, Salad, Main Course and Dessert. 
Chocolate Milk Shake
I had ordered my Chocolate Milk Shake. Once you sip it for the first time, you'll fall in love with the creamy chocolate that blended with some ice and topped with chocolate sauce. 
Seafood Soup Served with Garlic Bread (RM12)
Then the soup comes next with lots of fresh seafood i.e. prawns, squids, fish and clams. Once have the soup and the seafood, I am quite full already. 
Smoked Salmon & Feta (RM20)
For the salads, I had ordered Smoked Salmon & Feta that comes with fresh and raw salmons. I really salute how the Chef had wrapped the salmon with lettuce that gave us a really nice presentation that increase our appetite.
Pan-Fried Salmon (RM36)
For the main course, I choose to have Pan-Fried Salmon. I was amaze how the potato cake and broccoli been mixed together to encourage my children to had it without notice that it is actually made from broccoli. The salmon was finely marinated and the taste was indeed delicious.
Tiramisu (RM14 per piece)
CS Cafe is also famous with their variety of cakes. You can get the whole cake home and just pieces of it. Overall, the food portion at CS Cafe is quite big and we can't even able to finish it all. The taste was yummylicious and I just love the presentation of each meal that served to us on that day. After having our dinner, we proceed to check-in to our Apartment since everyone of us felt really tired after a long journey. 

We checked-in to a 3-bedrooms 2 bathrooms Apartment that comes with a living room, dinning hall, kitchen, bath tub, balcony and a wet area for washing mashine. The Apartment was indeed spacious and I love the decorations at each corner of the Apartment. Fridge, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, towels, hair dryer, iron that comes with the board, hanger, tissue, slipper and even safety cabinet were provided to our convenient. The most important is, I love the view from our Apartment. Truly relaxing.

After having a great night sleep at such a great and comfortable place, we woke up at 8 a.m. to have our breakfast at CS Cafe. There are variety of breakfast for us to choose. We can have a simple toasted bread with boiled-egg, porridge, nasi lemak, fried meehoon, hotdog, samosa, yogurt with fruits, fruit juice, coffee or tea. I had small portion for each and every food to try it out. You'll definitely spoilt by the choices that they had.
Buffet Breakfast for Adult price at RM32 and Child at RM26. Most rooms stay did comes with free breakfast which is a healthy meal to start our day. We then proceed to the golf clinic to learned some methods on playing golf. My children was so happy once they knew how to hold the stick and they enjoyed playing it for an hour.
Cinta Sayang Resort do provide golf coaching course at Mizuno Golf School. You can call them to enquire for group or personal coaching or golf clinic. All their coaches do played golf to compete in the international level.

After an hour and half at the golf clinic, we proceed for the resort tour. We were brought to a grand ballroom where all the seminar and events were held. The ballroom was big and comes with a stage. I love their table setting and the design of the room was grand. I'm sure any event held here will be build up their reputation as the host of the event.
We then proceed to sit the buggy ride for golf tour area. I love the surroundings with the beautiful lake, the fresh air and a quiet place for golf player to concentrate on their activity to release stress. Recommended place for golf players.
After the tour, we had our lunch at CS Cafe. This round, my lunch that comes with a fruit juice, Crispy Prawn, Coconut & Pumpkin Soup, Grilled Lamb Rack and Banana Chocolate Cake.
Crispy Prawn (RM18)
Coconut & Pumpkin Soup (RM8)
Grilled Lamb Rack (RM36)
Chocolate Banana Cake (RM14)
After our lunch, we go back to our Apartment to change for our swimming wear and reached Cinta Sayang Water Park, The Carnival for our swimming and horse riding activities. We were greeted with some dance before we jump into the water to play at the water slides, river, beach and wall climbing. The tubes here were provided for free.

Me and my children had so much fun times playing at the water park. They loves swimming at the lazy river and their favourite is the slide. CW and WH sit at 1 tube while me and WT sit at another tube for the slides. My 4 year old son enjoyed playing at the kids area. If you feel hungry while swimming, you can ordered and had your food at the small cafe which located at the pool as per photo below. The water park was indeed beautiful with trees at its surrounding and lots of activities await all of you there. 
The Carnival was one of the best water park that we went. Price for Adult at RM25 (Weekdays) and RM36 (Weekend & Holidays). Children/Senior Citizens/Army/Disabled at RM22 (Weekdays) and RM33 (Weekend & Holidays). Open on Mon to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Weekend from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed on Wednesday.
Another activity that you must join is the horse riding. The horse is big and beautiful. Me and my children enjoyed riding it for 2 big rounds. A great experience for all of us.
At 6.30 p.m., times to go for our dinner. After our bath,  we proceed to Chips & Bites for our buffet steamboat dinner. I was amaze with the varieties of the fresh seafood served and all this was at the price of RM35 nett only. Besides seafood, they had varieties of noodles, foo chok. fish balls, crab balls, cakes, puddings, jellies, ABC, cendol, ice cream and many more. 
There are live band that performed for us too. Me and my children enjoyed the fresh seafood and the music makes the dinner livelier. Some adults and children even enjoyed singing and dancing with the singer. The live music which happening on every Friday and Saturday, makes this Sungai Petani is the most chilled hangout.
Any events and gatherings, you could call 04-4414666 for reservations. Do get your vouchers earlier if  you want to book for buka puasa steamboat buffet. The earlier you purchase it, the cheaper rate you will get.
Cinta Sayang Resort had their own gym and swimming pool too inside their resort which located just beside the cafe.
From the cafe to our Apartment is not far and only at walking distance but Cinta Sayang Resort do provide free rides to the Apartment. My children enjoyed the complimentary rides as it is windy and the air is fresh and cooling out there. 
There are different type of rooms available for family, friends, couple and corporate event. Do call them for more information at 04-4414666. The location at Persiaran Cinta Sayang, 08000 Sungai Petani. Do follow them at facebook page at and their website at to check on the promotions which is going on and to make bookings.
Beautiful view from our balcony

That is the end of our 3 days 2 nights stay at Cinta Sayang Resort. We love to stay at our Apartment which is spacious and comfortable. We enjoyed playing golf, water park. horse riding, live music and the buggy ride. We enjoyed having all the yummylicious food for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most important is, we enjoyed meeting up with other blogger friends to catch-up with each other and meet new friends. Thanks to Cinta Sayang Resort Marketing and PR Team who had made our stays a pleasant and enjoyable to all of us and we shall see all of you again for our next trip to Cinta Sayang Resort soon.



  1. I've not stayed at Cinta Sayang before and have hardly the opportunity to explore the state of Kedah except for Alor Setar. Wish to go one day for a longer trip.

  2. Wow, your family enjoy the Cinta Sayang Resort! So great!

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