Friday, July 27, 2018

Celebrate my 12th Birthday at Ice Age Alive

I'm going to be 12 soon which is the end of my childhood. A bit sad but when I think that I'll have more freedom soon once I am in the Teenager zone, actually I am quite happy with it. Ha ha ha... To celebrate my turning point, I had invited my school friends to join me at my Ice Age theme birthday party at Ice Age Alive which is happening now at MATIC i.e. Malaysia Tourism Centre which located at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Wearing my favourite blue colour t-shirt with a photo of the Lion Dance which was customised made by my Mom with the word of "Han, LD Boy". Han is my name and LD stand for Lion Dance. Yes... I am a Lion Dance Boy. Yeah...
Besides celebrating my birthday, there are other 4 kids who were there to celebrate their birthday too. We actually had a mass celebrations with guess up to 100 who had attended this meaningful event. Happy Birthday to the other kids too.
Looks like I am the oldest amongst all the kids here but that did not prevent me and my friends to enjoyed ourselves with our favourite animals of Ice Age cartoon live at the exhibition and joining the fun activities.
Read some facts about the dinosaurs here before you go in to explore

The animals here are very big. More than 3 times bigger than my size and the best thing is, they able to roar at the coolest place in town. At here, I saw my Shelly, Tyrannosaurus Rex; Sid, Ground Sloth; Diego, Saber-Tooth Tiger, Manny, Ellie and Peaches, the family of Wooly Mammoth; Gavin, the Dino-Bird and lots more. All of them are my favourite characters at Ice Age Adventures and it was great to see them live.
Ice Age Alive also organised some dance activities for the children and we were fortunate to have Fly FM who had organised some games and Q&A about the dinosaurs of Ice Age for all of us to win some prizes which include their limited edition t-shirts, potato chips and limited edition of Ice Age merchandise. I won a prize from Fly FM too for successfully twist to free my hands. Yeah...
After the activities and the games, we had a birthday song and cake cutting ceremony. The Dinosaur theme cake is really nice together with the awesome backdrop. We had a group photo taken with my friends.

We had a light refreshments after that. I like their spaghetti, sausages, sandwiches, colourful donuts and fruits.
After our refreshments, we proceed to go back to the Dinosaur exhibition area to enjoy our ice skating, snow pool and jumping castles. Some of my friends went to the game booth for the fishing activities to win some prizes.
Beware coz' T-Rex will be walking around with its fierce roaring sounds. He might catch you around the exhibition area or the jumping castle area and scared you off. It can made you laugh and it can also made you cry. To look out for T-Rex in actions at Ice Age Alive.
If you want to held your birthday party like me with Dinosaur Theme, then hop on to their website at and facebook page at or call them up at 03-21706333/6222. You can also get your tickets at The exhibition is until end of this year only. Tickets price for the exhibition as below...

Don't miss this opportunity to have your birthday party here nor meet up the giant beast of Ice Age Alive. Me and my friends love the cooling area while enjoying our ice skating session surrounded by our favourite Ice Age animals who will roared and move their bodies. Their size is more than twice bigger than our body and when we are there, these animals look like a real one to us.
Thanks to Ice Age Alive for organising such a great birthday party to me. It is one of the best party that I ever had. I will always remember this date where I had celebrated my special day with all my favourite animals of Ice Age Alive with my best friends and family members. Special thanks to my teacher and my buddies for celebrating these day with me. Thanks for the presents and ang pau. I truly appreciate our friendship and hope we able to meet up again after we finished our primary school soon. Right now, let's work harder to pass our UPSR exam with flying colours. Ha ha ha...
Thanks to all my friends for attending my birthday party !!!

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