Monday, June 8, 2015

Genting International Children’s Festival Fun for all in the family this school holiday

When Mommy said me and my Cher Cher will attend Genting International Children’s Festival Fun, we were very excited looking for it to join the excitement. And then Mommy said we'll be appointed as Resort World Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors during the Festival launched, we were more than happy to accept the challenge. This is because we as the kids bloggers never had the recognisation and never invited to join any review but Mommmy had. When Mommy was invited previously to Genting to review on Ice Age Adventure and Behind the Scene, she brought me and my Cher Cher there and we were given a media pass. We were so proud of it that I had written my experience here which is my first blog post.

Me and my Certificate of Appointment with YB Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Children & Community Development and Mr Paul Baker, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Genting Malaysia Berhad
I was very excited looking forward to the event. We were given a Resort World Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors t-shirt which I really love the design of it. A simple and yet once wearing it, everyone acknowledge us as the Kids Bloggers that mades us so proud to wear it.
My t-shirt that I'll always wear when I do the review at Genting
Me, Mommy, Cher Cher with all the other Young Bloggers with their family
Since my Cher Cher, CW already blog on the official opening of the event here, I'll focus more on the Genting International Children’s Festival Fun which I really enjoyed myself here playing while learning some fun facts. 
Official launching at the First World stage
Look at the crowd of audience to witness our appointment
After the ceremony of the launching, certificates given to me and the young bloggers and hampers to the orphanage, we proceed to the Land of Art. Here I got to decorate my ice cream at the booth with all the ingredients that I love to eat. 
Me at the Ice Cream Booth
Choose the size of the cup
Variety of delicious ice cream to be choose from
Busy with my Young Blogger Friend putting the ingredients that we want for our ice cream
Ta Da... My ultimate creations. Simple and nice with all the ingredients that I like
Time for me to enjoy my ice cream now. Yummy yummy yummy...
You can do a badge that you like to at RM10 per badge at the Creativity and Discovery Zone...
Crown, Umbrella, Elephant. Choose variety of design and write the message on it as souvenirs
Then we went to Maze Zone where we got to play some board game, colouring and learned some facts here.

Me and my Cher Cher do out part in colouring the castle
How I wish I could have the largest Lollipop. Ha ha ha
Exciting facts and games to share with
After that we went to outdoor to look for clowns and got ourselves a sword balloon sculpture as me and Aunty Sherry's son, Yeow Shen fight with each other like a warrior while my Cher Cher got herself a love balloon sculpture.
When two boys together, we tend to fight but girl always want love. So, my  Cher Cher stand between us so that we'll stop fighting. Ha ha ha
Me and my favourite clown on that day
Then we proceed to First World Convention Centre where we got to meet and greet with Rio and its friends before we proceed to watch the cartoon at a mini cinema for free.
Me and Pedro, the bad bird
Me and Rico, a friend of Rio
Me, Mommy and my Cher Cher for family photo
We proceed to the Dinosaur land at Rainforest, First World Hotel Lobby. So, if you love to see Dinosaur moving around or even perform for free, then you got to come here as at the end of the performance and show. we can take photo with the Dinosaur too. If you're lucky enough, you got to sit on the Dinosaur to take photo with them and I'm one of the lucky one.
Baby Dinosaur
Me and my Cher Cher sitting at a Dinosaur
There are also jugglers and stilt dances to performed a great performance for all. I really amaze how they really do it but the most important is I truly enjoyed myself here.
Great drum performance
Check out the Children's Festival schedule and you can watch the promo clip on everything happening at Genting here.
Acrobatic performance
At night, we were entertained with the Iluminate show. We never seen something as great as this as all the lights went off and we can only see the lights of the performers who dance and act around. Really creative and Mommy said it is one of the best performance at America Got Talent show where they receive positive comments from the judges. The show is til 28 June 2015.
Me and the Iluminate poster
We're lucky to have photo taken with the performers
We were so lucky to be selected as Resort World Genting Young Bloggers and Ambassadors and to review the Genting International Children’s Festival Fun. We really enjoyed ourselves so much here doing activities, watching performance and movie, eating delicious food at Coffee Terrace and of course a night stay at First World Hotel. Tqvm to RWG for the great opportunities and Ronald Kor Kor for showing us around. I'll prove myself to become a great Young Bloggers and Ambassador too :). 

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