Friday, June 12, 2015

Kid's Fun Day Out at Quill City Mall

When Mommy said we'll have a Kid's Fun Day Out at Quill City Mall during school holiday, we were very excited and looking for it as Quill City Mall is our favourite shopping mall because the area was very big for us to run around and not so crowded. It is also a kids and babies friendly place as we could play, shop, dine, read etc. Everything that we love to do located in a mall.
Me and my Ti Ti
Our first stop is to NEXT where Mommy got to choose our outfits. Lots of stylish clothes to choose from and I found a sunglass that suits me well and I ask Mommy to buy this for me instead so that I can style with it whenever I attend an event.
Did I looks handsome and smart with my new sunglass ? 
Our second stop is to MPH where I enjoyed story telling by a friendly Kor Kor. Even though there is no pictures but we got to imagine it ourselves the picture of it while listening to Kor Kor. The story was quite interesting and we learned some tips on how to tell a story and made the sounds of it. Thanks to MPH for the interesting story books and stationery set for us. I love it so much.
Kor Kor telling us a story as part of the activities
Our third stop is to Kid'z Paradise. It is like a heaven for the kids as we got to play the sand like how we play at the beach. Best thing is, it'll not made us dirty and it is safe to play with. Got playground, slides, balls, trampolines, merry-go-round etc. We never felt bored here as lots of interesting equipment to explore.
Me enjoying my playing session at the sand area at Kidz Paradise
Sweet looking merry-go-round, slides and balls
After playing, I felt a bit hungry. So, we proceed to Big Daddy Little Chefs @ Happikiddo for a simple, delicious and healthy meal. My favourite dish on that day was the fried chicken. Yummy yummy yummy. The cups, plates, bowls and spoon were so cute and I love the design that suits for kids like me. There is also a small playground there for us to play  while Daddy and Mommy had some snacks there after our meal.
I'm the Happikiddo Kid. Yeah...
Our fourth stop is to Pizza Hut where I got to made my favourite Hawaian pizza. I enjoyed myself so much during the process of making the pizza. The pizza that I had made taste really good. Next time, I can made pizza for Mommy already and become Mommy Little Chef.
Me with Cher Cher and Ti Ti became the Little Chef on that day
My handmade cooked pizza

Our fifth stop is my favourite toy shop, Hamleys where we watch some exciting magic show. While Cher Cher go for nail colouring and tattoes after that, me and Ti Ti drive a remote control car. Kor Kor there teach us how to control the car. I really enjoyed myself so much here surrounds with so many toys to explore with. Thanks for the toys and for the Barbie dolls, I'll give to my Cher Cher to play instead.
My Cher Cher showing off her nail colour and the tattoes at Hamsley
Our sixth stop is to decorate our muffins at Occubite. Uncle Roys show us the techniques on how to decorate our muffins creatively. I had done mine and the muffin was delicious. I had learned the art of decorating here and will decorate my own muffins next time.
Aren't my muffin creative enough ? If it is a contest, I'm sure I can win it. Ha ha ha...
Our seventh stop is to The Original Milkshake Co. where we got to taste the delicious milkshake. My favourite was chocolate and blueberry. I can finished 2 cups as it was really nice and all my thirst gone.
My Ti Ti enjoyed the drinks so much. Thumbs up to  The Original Milkshake Co. for the delicious milkshake
Our last stop is to Cornery-the popcorn gallery, my favourite snacks. There are many flavours available, peanuts, chocolate, caramel, cheese and many more but my favourite was the seaweed. We got to watch how popcorn was made and the packaging. A great knowledge to us as all this while, we only get to eat from the packaging and today we had learned the techniques. Thanks to Cornery for the lesson and a tupperware of popcorn for us to bring home.
Me with Ti Ti and the Cornery mascot
It  was indeed a great Kids' Fun Day Out for us at Quill City Mall. We truly enjoyed ourselves so much with all the activities and food that arrange by the handsome Kor Kor and pretty Cher Cher there. Tqvm to all the sponsors for a fun day out for all of us. We'll definitely will ask Mommy and Daddy to bring us here again to have all the fun as fun never ends here and as still got lots of things that we can explore at Quill City Mall, a Kids' Friendly Mall. Do check out Mommy's blog post here here for further details.

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