Monday, September 7, 2015

Adventure to Jeram, Kuala Selangor (Day 1)

Hi, I am WH and I want to share with my friends on my adventure to Jeram. When Mommy Jane said that we're going to Jeram for 2 days 1 night trip, I was really excited as I never been to the place before. A new place for me to explore. Yeah...

My icon room created by Tedmi
We reached Wave Rest & Cave around 2pm and check in at the 2 storey cabin. I never stay at cabin before. A good experience for me.
The Corridor outside my cabin
We started our itinerary at 2.30 pm. We met up at the cafe where Andrew Kor Kor, the founder of Tedmi, welcomed all of us. He gave each of us a goodie bag too that contains some sponsored vouchers and a selfie stick. I can selfie everyday already. Yeah...
Andrew Kor Kor, Me, Cher Cher and my Titi. I love my bag. Tq Kor Kor
After a short briefing on what we should do at the Mangrove Forest Tour, it started to rain heavily. So, instead of going out under the rain, Steve Kor Kor, the owner of Wave Rest taught us how to made wind chime using shells. 
Me and my collection of shells 
My Ti Ti show off his artwork
After an hour making our artwork, the rain still not stop yet, so Andrew Kor Kor said we should proceed to the Mangrove tour. I never been to Mangrove tour and Mommy always refrained me from going out to the rain as she said it'll mades me sick. But now, the opportunity arise where I got to enjoy both together. Yeah.... 
My Ti Ti all prepared to walk into the Mangrove Forest Tour. Wearing boot and plastic glove
I enjoyed the tour in the rain. Walking in the mud and found the 6 shells to win the game. We also sang a song in the forest just to get a shell that we don't have in our team of 4 persons. Worst part is, one of my boot stuck in the mud but luckily Mommy was there to help me out by took my boot out from the mud and hold my hand so that I won't fall in the mud. My whole body was wet after the tour. It was indeed a great adventure for me that I'll not forget.
Me, Cher Cher and Mommy Jane inside the Mangrove Forest
We had dinner at the restaurant just next to the cabin. We had tomato crab, omelette, prawns, shark meat, lala and a seafood soup. Everything was delicious and I ate a lot of crab as it is my favourite dish. Yeah...
Our dinner dishes. Yummy yummy yummy...
Me with a friendly Andrew Kor Kor, Cher Cher and Ti Ti
After dinner, we rest a while before we attend a short briefing by Andrew Kor Kor on what Tedmi is. Andrew Kor Kor said Tedmi is an App for the convenience of all of us. If we want to see what store got discount, just put the locations and all the promotions at each store will comes out. We could get the tickets for discount for free and we could upgrade our icon too. If you want to know the details of what Tedmi App is, do check out Mommy Jane previous blog HERE. Daddy and Mommy can save a lot of times and money with this App. Yeah...
Tedmi mascot and me. I should put on my hat. Then we'll looks alike. Ha ha ha...
Mommy, Cher Cher and me joined in with Tedmi kor kor and cher cher with all the other kor kor, cher cher, uncles and aunties and even some children to play the cards. Killer, Healer, Police and normal citizen are the persons identified at the cards. I played it before at my daycare and I enjoyed the game with more adults now. 
A great place to hang out at the Restaurant where we had our dinner
At 12.30am, Andrew Kor Kor said its times for all of us to sleep as we need to wake up at 6.30am the next day for a cycling to the beach and to collect shells, boat riding to see birds and have my favourite ice cream. My Ti Ti, WT will write on his experience there. Check out his post HERE. Tqvm to all of you as I really had a great time here. Yeah...
I learned riding a 2-wheel bicycle at here. Going time not so balance but when cycling back, I am more expert already and able to cycle for 5 km from the Rest House to the beach. Can ask Daddy and Mommy buy me a new bicycle already. Yeah.... 


  1. good work... I am happy you get a lot of experiences with your mom and family...
    Make us all proud.....

  2. Great adventure for both of you!

  3. wow missed out on the adventure! looks like a worthy place to check out with the kids!

    1. Aunty Leona, it is indeed a great place to visit. Tq for reading my blog here.

  4. omg, omg you write this on your own? how old are you?

    jie jie also want to join the mangrove tour ler~~ I have not been even there for once~~

  5. Hi Maple Cher Cher, I am 9 years old. I wrote it with the help of Mommy. Cher Cher, you should go for the tour as it is fun.