Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Great Place to Shop at Metropark Bazaar, Subang Jaya

Last Saturday after my Ti Ti sports day, Mommy Jane brought me and Ti Ti to Metropark Bazaar at Subang Jaya. We shop around and saw Atilia Cher Cher there to performed. 

I am WH and here to cover the event...

I love the bean curd, the green tea, the hot dog, the muffins, pineapples, cakes, biscuits, ice cream and lots more. It was really delicious. Yummy yummy yummy...

Besides food, Mommy Jane able to shop for her clothes, accessories, bags and facial products too.

I also able to get my lego, keychain, stationery, ice cube and my favourite green tea too. Yeah...
Me and Ti Ti shopping for our favourite items
I also signed my pledge to protect the animals as I love them and hope they'll have a good environment to live with. 

After that, we joined the activities there. Playing with the bubbles and doing some hand craft. We made tree and decorated at a mat there. As a reward, me and Ti Ti got a pack of hand craft to made at home for free.

The best part is, we got to tour the on-going construction of the site by sitting at the buggy car which is available for free. We had to wear our helmet for safety purposes. I really love the place and I really enjoyed my rides too.

We really love this bazaar and Mommy Jane said the bazaar is available every 2nd of the month. Means, the next bazaar date will be on 19th September. I'll mark my calendar and will come again next month. Yeah... For more information, you can check out the bazaar facebook HERE and Mommy Jane post HERE for more details and updates. Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.