Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Superstars of Magic 4 at Genting International Showroom

Today is my Birthday and I am WH reporting for the review. My 9th Birthday wish was to watch the Superstars of Magic 4 and it came true as Genting send me the invitation to watch the show live in Genting International Showroom. An early birthday celebration to me. Yeah...

I was seated at VIP seats which were quite near to the stage. I can see clearly the seven illusionists who weave their magic on stage to wow all of us in their respective brands of illusion. I was amaze how magic has been evolved with technology. This year theme is East meets West where I can watch comparative of what magic is to different people.
Instead of watching magic from the television where I used to, now I can watch it live from the Showroom itself. Awesome, right ? Live just in front of my eyes. Yeah... There is a pretty lady named Aunty Alana who amaze me with producing life human hands out of her leather jacket. It looks like she got 6 hands. Wow... An amazing act.

Jeff Kor Kor performs TV magic and modern music where he speedily taking things out of his TV. Ted Kor Kor infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology where he incorporates the latest video games and music to his act such as Super Mario Brothers and I really love this as Mario is my favourite icon whenever I play my game.
Jeff Kor Kor took CD from the TV
Ted Kor Kor dress like my Mario
One Gun Kor Kor amaze me by keep changing his T-Shirt and jeans' colours and type just in front of me. Uncle Joseph more on classical dove act and Uncle Jay is a celebrity magician that mades all of us laugh with his comedy. He could disappeared within seconds eventhough was locked up and he still alive eventhough sharp steel pook to his body without any blood comes out. Uncle Shawn could made birds and even goose appeared with bare hand or with scarf just in front of me. Really wonder how they do it. Guess, all this is about magic...
One Gun Kor Kor show off the colour of his shirts that just changed within seconds
Uncle Joseph with his Superbike
Eventhough being locked, Uncle Jay can still swift his place with his pretty assistant
Uncle Shawn just used a scarf to magic out a very big goose out. Geng
I really enjoyed myself watching the Magic Show. It was my dream came true as I watch how the seven Illusionists performed a daring act that might risk their life but in a magical way. My friends do ask me how is the show and my answer to them is, just watch it and I'm sure you'll believe that in this world, magic really does exist just in front of my eyes.
Me with Jeff Kor Kor, Ted Kor Kor and One Gun Kor Kor after the show
Me with Ted Kor Kor dressing like my favourite icon, Super Mario


  1. wow so fun, still miss out going the Magic. So buzy late like bee.

  2. I missed out on this... glad you enjoyed this and had a great time...

  3. The magic show was so cool. Definitely a must watch one


  4. I really love this magic show!~


  5. It's the best magic show ever! Wanna watch it again for sure

  6. I love this magic show. Especially the one with Jay!