Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Steamboat at Resort Seafood and Behind the Scenes Tour

Hi, I am WT. This is my first blog since my Mommy Jane said RWG Young Bloggers are as young as me, she said that I should start writing my blog so that I can improve my English. Today, I'll write about my experience at the Steamboat that I had at Resort Seafood located at Genting and my first time activity at Behind the Scenes Tour.

My Mommy Jane always said that I ate a lot. You might see me a bit thin and small size but I can eat a lot and few times in a day. So, don't ever under estimate me. He he he.  I love Steamboat as I could cook it by myself. I love to eat the fishballs, yam balls, vegetable balls. chicken, prawns, mushrooms and the foo chok there as it is fresh and the taste was fantastic that come with herbal soup.

The restaurant was spacious and I love the environment there where I could eat my hot pot steamboat in a cool weather.
My Kor Kor posing at the restaurant where we dine in for dinner 
Besides eating, I enjoyed my tour where I could sneak peak at their daily operations and learn more about the resort with their Behind-The-Scenes Tour. We went to the Largest Laundry to see how the washing of the linens and the uniforms were done.

Then, we went to See, Do & Eat Workshop where I got to decorate my sushi bento and doughnut with the food that I like. Simple and nice.

After that, I went to Genting International Showroom to check out the sound system and the lightings. The Uncle there explained to us how everything works for a show at their Showroom. Something interesting for me to explore with.

Me and my tag with the background of the stage
I got my certificate of achievement also after the tour.

Since this is my first time writing, my post will be short but you can check out my Sis post at and my Mom post at for the review for more information. I really enjoyed myself so much for a day outing. l wish l'll be appointed as RWG Young Blogger and Ambassador like my Cher Cher and Kor Kor soon. Yeah...


  1. those were the good ol days, my kids dislike the machines tho until today still scared to go there to the laundry

  2. think this is something new for me. behind the scene tour. would love explore!