Friday, May 13, 2016

Clean the Beach Campaign by 7-Eleven

2 weeks ago when Mommy Jane ask us which activities that we preferred since we had 3 invitations at the same date and at the same time. First to Aquaria KLCC where we can see many fishes. It is quite interesting since we long time didn't went there. 2nd to Museum to reminds us all the history that we had read and 3rd to clean up the beach at Morib. Most of us choose to go to Aquaria KLCC which is nearer and more comfortable but Mommy Jane had choose to cover the clean the beach campaign instead. Erm.... Not sure what she is thinking about. Ask us to pick up the rubbish now. We got Kakak to do that all the times but why we had to do it now ?

I had to woke up at 6 a.m. because we need to reach Plaza Berjaya by 7 a.m. to took the bus to the Morib beach.
Me and my Ti Ti enjoyed sitting bus
After an hour journey, we reach at the beach. We were given a briefing by the 7-Eleven Chief before the campaign start.

All of us were given a pair of glove and a plastic bag to pick up the rubbish at the beach area and throw at the bag given.

After 2 hours of picking up the rubbish, the beach was all clean. We throw all the rubbish to the bin there that was sponsored by 7-Eleven too.

We then wash our hands with soap and were given Fresh to Go nasi lemak with egg, sambal and peanut by 7-Eleven. This is my first time eating the nasi lemak and it is really delicious. I can add on some fishballs and sausages in it too. 

After having our meal, I ask Mom to bought me a kite. Since the beach is all clean, it is time for me to play. Yeah...

I can take off my shoes now and running at the beach with my Ti Ti and Cher Cher. The wind is quite strong that time and our kite had fly very high. It is so beautiful and I am so happy running around with my kite.

At around 1 p.m., we started our journey home. I had a wonderful times and had done a great job to clean our beach. Now, I understand why Mommy Jane had choose to be part of this campaign. So that we could learned to keep our beach clean always for the benefit of everyone.


  1. Great campaign to make sure our beaches are still clean! We sure do not want our beaches to be polluted. Everyone needs to contribute

  2. meaningful campaign . everyone have to aware and take care our nature . that day is busy , if not i will join u ,jane!!hehe

  3. You are a good boy, we have to keep our environment clean..