Wednesday, June 8, 2016

School Holiday with Spacetastic Adventure with Ice Age: Collision Course

Hi, I am WT reporting on my review for Resorts World Genting Spacetastic Adventure with Ice Age:Collision Course since I am a fan of Ice Age movie and still looking forward for the world's first Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park which is opening soon.
Me and my Kor Kor. We are 2 Junior Rangers
With the release of the upcoming movie on 5 July 2016, Resorts World Genting had organised some fun activities,, educational interactive game, photo opportunities and social media contest to win some attractive Ice Age merchandise.
The Ice Age Collision Course is the time where Scrat's pursuit his elusive acorn catapults him into outer space where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that threaten Earth. The other lovable characters from the show i.e. Manny, Sid and Diego lead the rest of herd on a quest that is full of thrills and spills that will sure make you laugh.
My favourite Diego
The educational interactive game and social media contest that is on for the whole duration of the event is 10 minute session where 2 to 4 participants will help Scrat finds his way back to Earth safely. Here, we could learn some fun facts about the solar system when we take part in three challenges. I team up with my 2nd Cher Cher and my Daddy to complete all the 3 Challenges and won ourselves a merchandise from Ice Age. Yeah...
My Kor Kor take photo with Diego and Scrat
Get up close and personal with your favourite Ice Age characters like Sid, Scrat and Diego which held from 4 to 12 June and 18, 19, 25, 26 June and 5 to 10 July 2016 at 11.30am, 1.30am, 3.30pm and 5.30pm. More information at or call them up at 03-27181118. 
Check out which Ice Age character is most like you too at First World Plaza. I think mine is like Diego. What do you think ? He he he...

For our dinner, we had buffet at Rajawali at Awana Resorts. I love this place coz' it is big and surrounded by the mountain. My favourite food is satay, yong tau foo, chocolate fountain, variety of jellies and pudding and variety of nyonya kuih too. 
 Do check out their Buka Puasa buffet too. Looks like lots of choices coming soon.
That's all reporting from me on the Ice Age : Collision Course and the food at Awana. I had fun enjoying my school holiday at Resorts World Genting. If you want to win yourself the merchandise items too, then come to Genting to get it from yourself. Thanks to Irene Cher Cher and Ashley Cher Cher for bringing us around and arrange all the activities for me and my family. Hope to see both of you soon. Thank you.
 I had photo session with Crash and Eddie. Yeah...
Irene Cher Cher, Ashley Cher Cher, my Cher Cher, Kor Kor and my Kids Blogger Friends, Sean and Vynn. See all of you soon.


  1. The jelly / jello dish is the main thing that attract my attention the most. xD I've never been to any restaurant for buka puasa buffet date before. Maybe I should go to Rajawali to check it out. ^.^

  2. Nice post, keep up the good works you two Junior Rangers, jia you :)

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