Friday, June 24, 2016

Culture Blitzz Programme

During Nuzul Al-Quran holiday which falls on 22nd June, 2016, Mommy Jane had brought me, my Cher Cher and my Ti Ti to MaTiC which located at Jalan Ampang. MaTiC is a tourism hub for tourists to get more information on interesting places in our country and to understand our Malaysia culture. We arrived almost 1 hour early because Mommy afraid of the traffic jam and since this place is our first time here, better be early than late.
Since we reached early, Mommy brought us walked around MaTiC. The place was beautiful decorated and inside the information centre, there are lots of brochures for all the interesting places in our own Country that I hope to explore all the places before I turn 18 years old. Means another 10 years to go. Yeah...
Outside the information centre, I saw lots of peoples preparing for the Lambuk porridge and packed it into containers. Mommy Jane said all the porridge will then be distributed to all the tourist and public at 4 tourist popular destinations i.e. MaTiC, KL Tower, Bukit Bintang area and KLCC. 

We will be sitting Hop-On-Hop-Off bus to all the destinations. I was so happy and felt excited for the ride. Peace Yall Fm also was there to made the event merrier. They ask some simple question and I answer it and got myself a goodie bag from the first duo-language online radio station. Yeah....
Once packaging of the Lambuk porridge done, we start our ride to KL Tower with the VIPs, Medias, Peace Yall Fm deejays and Dancers. We were lead by a troupe of bikers in front of our bus. All of us were treated like a VIP actually and I faster went up to the open decker of the HOHO bus located upstair to get my best view of KL, the place that I was borned.
Along our way to KL Tower, all the passengers never fail to greet everyone that they had seen from the bus that mades our bus full of laughter and joy. All of us enjoyed the happy moment together.
Me and my Ti Ti. We are bloggers at 2-Junior-Rangers
We reach KL Tower within 15 minutes from MaTiC. All of us get down from the bus and walk to KL Tower to distribute the porridge. The dancers made the destination merrier with their Raya cultural dance and even tourist had been dancing with them. Everyone looks so happy.
At last I saw the upside down house at KL Tower. I never been there before coz' my last time to KL Tower is when I was very small. About 5 years ago when the Upside Down House had not built yet. Due to times constraints, Mommy Jane had promised to bring here again to tour the place and the Blue Coral Aquarium.
After KL Tower, we board the bus again to Bukit Bintang. I love being blown by the fresh air at the open decker bus while enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery of Kuala Lumpur. Once reach, again we go down from the bus and distribute the porridge to everyone that we had seen. Mommy said distribution of porridge is a common practise especially during Ramadhan to show that we care for everyone around us and to ensure they had some food to eat when the buka puasa times had started. 
It fosters the concept of doing things together and helping each other in a spirit of goodwill. So, Mommy Jane had ask me, my Cher Cher and Ti Ti to do our part also by distributing the porridge to everyone at that area. Everyone was so happy upon receiving our porridge and thank us for the food.
After Bukit Bintang area, we do pass by KLCC but due to great response from the public, our porridge had been finished distributing. We then head back to MaTiC for our Buka Puasa dinner at Saloma Bistro.
While enjoying our buffet dinner, we were entertained with some cultural dance too. I really love the way they dressed up and the way they dance so gracefully. Encik Zain Azrai Rashid who is the Pengarah MaTic and Dato' AC Mizal who is the icon, celebrity entertainment and also a businessman gave some brief speech to all of us and welcome all of us who present at that day.
 Encik Zain Azrai Rashid
Dato' AC Mizal 
Around 8.30 p.m., we had to start our journey home because Mommy said we had school the next day and need to sleep early. I felt reluctant actually coz' I enjoyed my outing, my food and all the performances so much. Everyone was so friendly and I felt really great like a VIP for a day for this outing. I really hope to join such programme again to learned more about our cultural and our heritage that I can't even get it from the books that I had read. Thanks to MaTiC, Peace Yall Fm and HoHo Bus for organising such a great programme for all of us.



  1. looks like some great experience learning about other cultures and religion... keep it up and learn to have an open mind for everything there is...

  2. A great way to experience the cultural of others while enjoying KL

  3. great event!!! Can gain a lot of experience about culture!!!