Thursday, August 11, 2016

8th Kordel's Charity Fun Walk

The 8th Kordel's Charity Fun Walk was held recently at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur to promote physical activity to encourage the public to manage modifiable risk factors, to create awareness on osteoarthritis (OA) and to support needy patients with the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia. I am happy to be part of the highest number of participants ever as the walk gains increasing public support for its cause.
"OA can be defined as joint failure and those who are older and overweight are more prone to knee OA. It is important for everyone to be physically active, to reduce the risk of this disease. Even for those with the condition, walking can ease the stiffness and will benefit overall health", said Ho Swee Lin, General Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd. 
Ho Swee Lin, General Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd with AFM President, Dr Sargunan Sockalingam officiating the start of the Charity Fun Walk
Ho adds, "While there are treatments for OA, prevention is always the best. Kordel's is at the forefront of introducing several promising agents that may help to retard the progression of OA, in particularly knee OA and may slow down the progression of cartilage degradation. In combination with healthy eating and staying physically active, both non-modifiable (ageing, gender, genetics) and modifiable (weight, lifestyle) risk factors can be mitigated.
Let's do some warm-up session before we start the walk
The walks had begun and everyone walk an extra mile for a better health
Keeping joints such as knees, hips and elbows healthy is important to allow us to run,w alk, jump, play sports and dot he things that we like to do. To keep our joints healthy is by being physically active and to strengthen the muscles around our joints. Kordel's Charity Fun Walk encourages the whole family to participate and exercise together to cultivate the habit of living a physically active lifestyle.
Children and adult. Everyone come with family to support the good caused while enjoy the moment together
Dr Sargunan Sockalingam shared, "OA is one of the most common causes of limb joint and spine arthritis with a prevalence of around the region of 10-20% of the adult population. The most common form of OA is knee OA at Malaysia where 30% in those above the age 65. This condition cost Malaysian millions through treatment and loss of productivity in the workforce and cost of disability. This is a national public health burden and we are grateful for Kordel's continuous effort in supporting this cause. AFM affirms our commitment to help needy patients with joint replacements treatments to help improve mobility and quality of life."

The 7km walk began at 7am at Padang Merbok. All participants enjoyed light and healthy breakfast offered at several stalls and food trucks. We too enjoyed activities such as lucky draws, photo booth and health check-ups.

Proceeds from the walk will be channeled to Arthritis Foundation Malaysia, a non-profit organisation set up to increase the awareness of arthritis and related conditions as well as to look after the welfare of needy patients who cannot afford joint replacement.
Happy Participants with the finishing medals they received on that day


  1. Lucky it's a walk not run! I would like to join if I'm there!

  2. It's really a fun walk, don't feel like it's 10km while walking and gossiping with friends!

  3. I always think charity walks are a good thing although I never join them because I hate sweating in front of people. LOL! But there are a lot of charity walks these days, and it's great that people are keeping a healthy lifestyle as well as giving a hand to charity.

  4. wow a nice morning walk there! I long time no go any morning walk.

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